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鳄梨梦想成真 Avoca-Dream Come True

油梨树AvocadoTree 2018-09-22

We are thrilled to announce the addition of our new Parkview Green location to the Avocado Tree family. 


For us, this new location is a dream come true. Parkview Green is an iconic landmark in Beijing with their avant-garde art and a number of award-winning dining establishments. It's an honor for us to finally join their ranks.


Our newest location incorporates the contemporary style of Parkview Green with an interior that creates an optical illusion tunnel that makes you feel like you are standing on the inside of an avocado. 


The sunken plaza seating also refers to the "avocado" motif as the couches are arranged in a way that is shaped like an avocado from an aerial view from all floors of the mall. Our fresh and modern design adds our own style and charm to Parkview Green.  

油梨树主张“简约不简单,好吃无负担”的健康轻食主义。我们每日甄选高质量的新鲜食材,以传统烹饪制肉为餐品调味,拒绝任何添加剂和隐藏着很多卡路里的酱料。包里道和碗里道完美的搭配着超级水果油梨果、羽衣甘蓝,各种蔬菜,热腾腾的肉类及谷物主食...每一道都是看得见的手工暖食。 创意玉米片,松脆的烤饼,自制的无糖希腊酸奶与果喜、精选烘焙咖啡也都是KeepFit与美味的完美体验。 油梨树希望您根据自己的口味喜好与各种饮食目标 (卡路里指标,高蛋白,低碳水,Paleo,等等)定制有满足感的用餐计划。

We, at Avocado Tree, promote the idea that it is simple to eat healthy and feel good. Ingredients such as "super-fruit" avocado, kale, carefully selected meats and grains are prepared daily in the most traditional ways to maximize their natural taste without preservatives and store-bought dressing with hidden calories. With options of hand-crafted burritos, bowls, salads, tacos, homemade yogurt, super smoothies, and freshly roasted coffee. You can customize every meal according to your individual tastes and various dietary targets.

2010年,北京第一家包里道专卖店油梨树应运而生。几年前,油梨树的创始人来到北京定居。她发现,很多人对健康的食物都会打上“牺牲口感”、“不好吃”的标签。油梨树的理念是“吃”理应是一种享受,健康饮食不代表不美味,简单快餐不等于不用心。现在油梨树餐厅在北京一共设有五家分店。 每家分店都呈现出独一无二的造型,同时共享着美味、高品质、实惠的菜品。

Avocado Tree, Beijing's original burrito counter, was founded in 2010 with the philosophy that healthy food should be satisfying, fast, well-prepared, and most importantly, tasty. Today, Avocado Tree operates five locations throughout Beijing. Each location is unique and shows a touch of Beijing's developing infrastructure but shares the same high-quality and affordable menu. Today, the original award-winning restaurant continues to provide healthy meals along with an array of fresh smoothies and healthy snacks.

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